Getting Spring Fever...


We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground but the sun has been shining (and making things a good old sloppy mess in the process which Zoey is loving!) and it feels good knowing that a change of season is on it's way...and what better way to celebrate the change of seasons than with some bright spring flowers? After school this past Friday Zoey and I picked out some tulips from out local florist and they look so pretty sitting on our kitchen table and just make the whole place feel a bit brighter. In one weeks' time it will be Spring break from school and it looks as though we might actually be getting away for a couple of days together! Nowhere warm and sunny, but away nonetheless. Zoey's been asking if she can start packing her suitcase ever since we brought up the idea...she's just excited at the thought of staying in a hotel with a pool! =) Love it that it's just the little things that make her so very happy!

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Patty S said...

one of my favorite types of flowers ;-)