The Joys of Technology

The past couple of days my email account has been in, I've gotten no emails from anyone at all and it's safe to say that that is not the norm. It seems that my Verizon account is breaking ties with Yahoo and throughout the process of switching strictly to Verizon I am unable to access any emails that I would have recieved starting March 29th. So, if you have sent me an email within the past few days please know that I have not recieved it but hopefully I'll be able to get back into my account shortly. If that is not the case I'm researching setting up a new email account. Talk about a pain! All my contacts and log-ins for my DT's are in my email account so I'm feeling a bit lost! If you really need to get in touch with me please give a call or leave a comment here or on Facebook.

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Vicky said...

ick! I just hate it when that takes so long to go through everything 'cause I don't want to miss the important stuff :)