The Easter Egg Adventure

This year the Easter bunny decided to do something a little different around here. He decided that instead of hiding Zoey's Easter basket here at home to be found right upon waking he would instead leave clues and send her on an adventurous scavenger hunt around town to find her basket! Right away when Zoey woke up she found a "mini" basket with a whistle in it and a note from the Easter bunny saying that she had to think of her four top favorite places around town to go to and play at and then after writing them down and making a list she had to then alphabetize them and then she would have to go to each place and look for one egg and upon finding it and opening it, she would then receive her next clue that would lead her to the next egg (that would hopefully coincide with her choices on her list).

After breakfast and after church we went out to location number one which was her school playground and she was happy to discover egg number one right where her Kindergarten class lines up for recess every day. (Upon finding an egg she blew her whistle).


The eggs were a wee bit tricky to get open but determination eventually won out...


Next on her list was a favorite local park and the hint was a favorite place in which she "swings away to outer space." There are two play areas at this park and at first she was heading towards the wrong one...


and then she screamed out, "I tricked you!" and turned and ran to the other play area where she eventually found egg number two.




The clue in egg two read "a favorite place that was a house of books" and amazingly enough, next on her list was the library!


Where after a bit of poking around, she found egg number three (that's Ethan's mom a.k.a as Grannie Annie pictured below with a congratulatory hug for Zoey).


The next clue led us to another park where "high fives are given at the slides."


I didn't get too many pictures at this park because it just so happened that one of the Easter bunny's "helpers" was there while we were hiding eggs for some other lucky kiddos so I was steering attention elsewhere in lieu of taking photos! The last egg however was found (and the Easter bunny's reputation is still in tact) and the clue led Zoey back home.


Where the bunny (if you can believe it) actually had hid Zoey's basket right in her bedroom!



What a fun adventure for all of us! It was so fun to hear her squeals of delight upon discovering eggs and I'll tell was a bit nerve racking for us too as we were hoping against all hope that nobody else had found and taken Zoey's eggs before us!


And after all that, the best part of the Easter basket? Why the Easter grass of course!



Such a beautiful day here! Hope your Easter was a special one!

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Sunshine and Shadows said...

Great idea. Sounds like you all had a great time.

Patty said...

What a fun idea! Zoey is so cute!

Sarah said...

What an awesome idea! You can just see the joy and excitement on Zoey's face! So precious!

Vicky said...

Great idea! Love the pink hair :)

Unknown said...

Your bunny is so clever! Looks like such a fun day.

Patty S said...

that was fun!
#1 ~ the bunny hides our baskets here as well. when my brother and i were little he hid ours. everyone we tell this to seems surprised because the bunny doesn't hide their baskets.
#2 ~ you brought back memories of sarah when she was about 2 or 3... her favorite part of the basket was the grass - it was spread from one Pnd of the living room to the other!
cute pictures - tfs jen!
xo, Patty :-)