Photo on a Thursday

Peeking Out

Just sharing a quick photo of Zoey that I took over Easter break (yes, it was cold enough over our break for us to be wearing our winter coats sadly).

Things have been especially busy here this week. I've been getting ready to work at the Sayner Stampede this coming weekend which is held in Sayner, Wisconsin. I'll be helping out with the Paper Studio booth again this year and am looking forward to it as always (it's an annual event). My mom will be arriving here tomorrow to help me out with childcare needs for the Zoester...thankful that she's making the trip up for this as it would make for a long weekend for her otherwise. And sometimes nothing beats having a grandma come to visit. It just makes things better all around!

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DebW said...

fab photo! love,love,love the colors and the expression on her face!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

I lvoe the colors -so striking. gorgeous photo!

Unknown said...

I sent the kids down to the Grandparents last night...barely got a "goodbye" they were so happy! I'm ready for my first Stampede, glad it's with you!

Vicky said...

Sweet photo! Now, how do you get the playground equipment to coordinate with Zoey's outfit!?! :)