Something to Remember

Last night after dinner while driving in the car to the library...

Zoey: Mom, do you want to go to Egypt?
Me: Sure.

Zoey: I want to go to see the camels.
Me: That would be really neat wouldn't it?

Zoey: Would we have to fly in a plane to get there?
Me: Yes.

Zoey: Soooooo, how long do you think we should go for?
Me: Maybe a week?

Zoey: No, mom! I wouldn't have enough room in the airplane for all the clothes that I would need to bring, how about two days...I think that sounds better and I'd be able to bring the dresses that I want.

She makes me smile. And makes everything, right.

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Sarah said...

5 is such a great age! So much imagination and innocent dreaming! My Aubrey asked us the other night (dead serious) if we could get a giraffe! When we said no, he couldn't understand why and had reasons to contradict all of ours. Amazing. Maybe when you go to Egypt you can stop somewhere and bring us back a giraffe! :)

Jamie Lane Designs said...

Such a girlie-girl! I love their little minds and the things they think and say, just so honest and precious! And tell Zoey that we all can't wait to see the photos from that trip! :)

Anonymous said...

you made me smile this morning, thanks for sharing this conversation you had with Zoey.

Vicky said...

How sweet! It's such a neat thing you do, writing down what Zoey says 'cause when you're my age :) you forget those conversations.

Patty S said...

great story! what a girl she is!!! lol