Special Day at Work

Paper Studio

Today Zoey got to come and visit me at work because we arranged for her Daisy Troop to have a little field trip of sorts today so that they could make a little project for Mom and so that they could also have a fun little outing. It was so neat for Zoey to get to come in and see me at work and while I was working. She's been at the Paper Studio with me many times but this was the first time that she was a "customer" and got to show off to her friends that she knows about this place...all the girls were all on their best behavior too, I was really impressed at how intently they worked on their projects.

Daisy Troop Outing to Paper Studio

The basket below is what they made along with the little card. We filled the baskets with some special little treats.

Daisy Project

After their project they walked to a local ice cream shoppe and got a special tour and learned how it is that the ice cream cakes are made (important stuff!) and then of course got to sample some of the ice cream for themselves as a special treat. They then walked to a nearby park and ended their day with some playtime.

Zoey's Daisy Troop

Made my day all the more brighter to have the Daisy's visit me while at work!

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Vicky said...

What a great day! Yay! You've just given them a taste of our world, here's to our future scrapbookers! Sweet project :)

Patty S said...

what a neat adventure!!!
you are lucky to work at such a fun place. i miss the scrapbook store i worked at... boohoo that it had to close.

Sarah said...

What a special day for all of you! I'm sure they and their moms loved the sweet goodies you made with them too! And who knows how many future scrappers you got hooked! ;)