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Planting Starter Plants

The other day Zoesie and I re-planted some of her starter plants that she grew from seeds that she got over Easter from her grandma. Hopefully they continue to grow (I'm not known for my green thumb when it comes to plants).

Planting Starter Plants

Planting Starter Plants

This morning after dropping Zoey off at school I attended a meeting for the parents group at her school. I was sent an invitation to become a part of it and after attending the meeting this morning I'm thinking that it might be a nice way to stay connected with what's going on at the school as well as with the community and to just be a part of things. Plus, I know that she'll love having mama around and about during these years and I will too.

Today is my day to catch up on things around the home...which I plan on doing! Before I do though here is a layout that I did recently for Paper Studio using the fun Cookbookin' line.

Happy Home Rituals

Happy Home Rituals Journaling

Happy Home Rituals Close-Up

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Jamie Lane Designs said...

Such a great layout!

Rachel said...

I wish we could plant pretty flowers in my part of FLA... too hot - those are gorgeous!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookie lo!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Cute layout Jen! Being involved at the girls' school is one of my favorite parts of being a mom.

Tracy said...

Maybe your daughter will have a green thumb and cancel out your not so green one LOL.
Cute layout.

ellen s. said...

she is doing a great job! maybe that green thumb skips a generation, LOL!

Vicky said...

Love your layout! the black & white check paper with the black ribbon & bow just makes everything pop!