Zoey's Spring Dance Recital

Zoey's Dance Recital

The grandparents came up this weekend to watch Zoey's dance recital.

Zoey's Dance Recital

It was, as usual, a very fun time and seeing her up there on stage was just the sweetest thing!

Zoey's Dance Recital

Zoey's Dance Recital

Zoey w/Twirling Ribbon

Zoey Twirling

Zoey's Dance Recital

Love her smile here...


Zoey's Dance Recital

There was a bit of confusion during the "End of the Sea" finale, all the girls were to pick up a fish that was on stage...she was hoping to get the fish that had a "G" on it (someone decorated a fish with the Green Bay Packers symbol) for Papa because he likes the Packers. She is so darn sweet.

Zoey's Dance Recital

You can catch a glimpse of her slight disappointment with the fish that she did end up with.

Finale "Under the Sea"


Zoey's Dance Recital

Here she is on stage at the end of the can see that she is tuckered out at this point.

Finale of Show

Finale of Show

And here she is with flowers from Grandma and Grandpa at the end of the show!

Zoey, Papa and Grandma and Grandpa Jahnke

Zoey's Flowers

What an exciting evening!

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Jamie Lane Designs said...

What a sweetie! You got some really good photos (which is tough at recitals!)!

Tobey said...

what wonderful pictures Jenn, she looks so sweet up there on the stage.....what wonderful memories she will have!!

Patty S said...

she is sooo beautiful!
(brings back memories of sarah doing ballet!)
you get such nice 'inside' pictures ~ i am impressed :-)