Random Musings

  1. right now if you asked Zoey what her favorite color was she would answer you "rainbow"
  2. i went to the movie Toy Story 3 with Zoey yesterday and while sitting next to her in the movie theatre I had the thought that I was so very happy being right there with her in that very moment...and for the fact that I get to go to the movies with this cool little girl whenever i want
  3. just finished up a wonderful week long bible study with a group of truly beautiful friends and on our last meeting, while finishing up, our group leader started reading from Isaiah 55:10-11 "For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall My word be that goes from my mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it." and when he said the word "rain" it started to rain and to rain hard. it was one of those rare and magical moments that gives you goose bumps.
  4. i'm struggling a bit with being the stay-at-home-mom that is starting to work more outside of the home...sometimes i feel as though i still have the expectation of myself to be available to others and for things that i was able to do before, when in reality, now, it feels like any time that I'm not working is scheduled for things that need doing at home. and when that's not the case, i want to be with family. not complaining, just trying to figure it out so there is some resemblance of balance here and there.
  5. just started reading the book titled, The Sweet By and By by Todd far so good.
  6. trying to feel more motivated to's hard when time is such a precious commodity and the thrill of summer just beckons me away from this little space here on the web
  7. watched the movie The Book of Eli with Ethan last night...a very good movie
  8. back to exercising in the early mornings, hopefully will stick with it this time around
  9. am thinking how nice it was to have ethan make french toast for us this morning for breakfast (kinda defeats the purpose of exercising though perhaps?)
  10. played barbies today with zoey and had fun
  11. thankful for all those people out in the world that have touched my heart in some way, shape or form...those times when i look around me and see so much hurt and pain i need to make a point to remember how very lucky it is that i am
  12. feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with my "to do" list, both crafty and otherwise
  13. amazed by the views at times outside my windows right here at home:
Stacy Milford said...

Hi Jen! Great post...I can so relate to many of the things you touched on :o) Took the family to Toy Story 3 over the weekend..yes, my 17 & 15 yr old sons...we loved it! & it hit so close to home...not that Jeremy still has toys in his room...but in about a year...well, nevermind! We don't want to go THERE!

As for blogging...well, I just don't know how a person keeps it up unless they don't work otherwise...& other things in my life are really taking backseat, which is NOT good...I've pretty much decided that LIFE is too short and I need to focus on the scrappy projects that are important to my family right Jeremy's high school scrapbook...which I have yet to start & he will be a senior...uugghh!

So hang in are a wonderful person (as well as wife & mom) Don't sweat the small stuff...ha, ha...easier said than done! & you might have to give a few things up...but it's worth it! that I have rambled forever...have a great day! Take care :o)

Jennifer Davis said...

Oh, Stacy...wish I could give you a big 'ol hug! Thank you for your words and encouragment! :)

Sarah said...

Love all this randomness. It's how our lives are much of the time, isn't it? I love your story of the end of your Bible story. I am always amazed how God allows those kinds of things to happen and show us a glimpse of Him at times. Hang in there with everything else. I feel the same way about my blog and am really working on exercising too. Thanks for sharing all of that with all of us out here in blogland!