Meet Daisy the Caterpillar

Daisy the Caterpillar

One of Zoey's friend's brought her a caterpillar today. Zoey is in heaven and considers this to be her "pet" Daisy. We've already made a run tonight for some fresh milkweed leaves for it to eat.

Daisy the Caterpillar

I have to admit too that it's mesmerizing watching it eat! I cannot believe how fast these little guys can devour a leaf that's ten times the size of their little bodies!

Daisy the Caterpillar

Zoey though is fascinated with what happens after the caterpillar has had it's fill of eating for a bit...need I say more? :)

Daisy the Caterpillar

Regardless, it will be fun to get to watch (and hopefully document) the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly right before our very eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember the wonderment of the caterpillar to butterfly in the eyes of the boys--how fun for zoey!!


Patty said...

What a cool looking catapillar! How can you not love something that has white, black and yellow stripes :)

Vicky said...

I can't believe Zoey's holding it in her hands, how brave :) It is beautiful.

karin said...

what beautiful pictures!