Someone Lost Her First Tooth!

first tooth

Her first loose tooth and now lost tooth! Monday night she called me into her bedroom saying that she thought her tooth was "wiggly" and then the next day at lunch she was eating a turkey and cheese sandwich and it fell out! We couldn't believe it! There was some initial shock and a few tears and then pure elation! We couldn't find the tooth and so had to dig through her sandwich and searched the floor and the washcloth that she had for her mouth...I even looked through the garbage thinking I might have tossed it in all the excitement. It was nowhere to be found. That is until three hours later when Zoey found it on the kitchen floor! It must have skittered across the kitchen floor after falling out while eating her sandwich. Happiness and joy abound! What an exciting day...I have to say that I'm loving her "new" gappy, goofy smile! And it's safe to say that she is sure to flash it to everyone that she sees. She went into the small organic food market that we go to regularly and upon entering and once the doors closed she announced to everyone that she's six and she lost her first tooth! :)

Exciting times for sure!

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Patty S said...

haha! great story! what a smile :-)

Anonymous said...

how cute is that!!!


Vicky said...

Such a precious story! Beautiful photo, love that smile!