Back Home

We just got back from spending some time in Door County and I thought I'd quick share some of my favorite photos. I really didn't bring out my camera that much over this visit and it actually felt kind of good.


It felt good to take photos of things that I wanted to take photos of.

on the beach

It also felt good to spend my days at the beach getting to enjoy the beach. It made me realize that this summer there have been far too few days that I've spent at the beach here at home with this little girl enjoying our time together. I really miss that and am a bit shocked at how easily it happened to take a's like you have to fight our societal norms to make family the center of your world when it just should be, without a doubt, hands down priority number one.

on the beach

Here is a shot that I took of Lake Michigan while Ethan and I were on one of our evening walks.

Sand Point

This was just an intriguing little shed by the water that looked to have a story to tell.

Shack off of the point

This getaway was a bit of a thoughtful one for me. I had lots to think over and am thankful to have had the time to do just that. I'm in a place right now where I'm experiencing new growth in both my personal and professional life and while it's exciting it's also a bit scary. The changes needed changing though so here goes to the future days ahead!


If there is one thing that's for sure, the sun will always set and rise again in the morning.

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Unknown said...

Wow, Jen! These pictures are amazing. I hope you were able to get some answers, I am getting ready to look for that peace myself.

Deanna Dark said...

Very nice post. It is always a bit scary to go against what society deems "normal", but you know what is most important...yourself and your family! Everything will work out for you. Keep up the self-examination and go with it. You know what's best! :)

Keshet said...

Beautiful photos (especially of your daughter by the beach) and post. I'm also working out that real values v. society thing:)

Moonie said...

What absolutely stunning photos you have taken.. such tranquility!!! Makes you realise there is s beautiful world out there we live in.. pity we just have to race thru life like there is no tomorrow.. love your layouts too.. simply breathtaking x