Headband, Ponytail Holder and Barrette Container

I saw a version of this project this morning on the Crate Paper blog by Michelle Lanning and had to make one for myself! Zoey has a million and one headbands, ponytail holders and barrettes so this will be a great way to corral them all and in a cute way nonetheless! I created mine so that I could use the inside for storage as well.

Hair Stuff Container

All you need to create this for your own little girlie girl is a large (empty) Oatmeal container with a lid, some scrapbook paper, embellishments (I kept mine minimal for function) and some strong, permanant adhesive. Cover container and embellish and put to use!

A super easy and fun project!

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Patchi said...

This is adorable! I need to find a girl to gift this to!

Jen Davis said...

Thanks! I loved the idea too and Zoey has already decorated the top of it with stickers! :) Gotta love it!

Unknown said...

Very cute project!

Patty said...

Cute idea!

Vicky said...

So pretty! Love to recycle :)

Sarah said...

This is way cute! What a clever idea!