Another Apple Orchard Weekend...



I think it's safe to say that we may have enjoyed the last warm fall weekend of the season together was actually unseasonably warm today and upon the suggestion of some friends we headed out to check out Helene's Hilltop Apple Orchard in Merrill, Wisconsin. Once there we tackled the corn maze (thought it fitting that we do that first in case it took us awhile). We lucked out and Ethan got us through in a jiffy. After that we played in the play area which was a fun and unique arrangement of old farm equipment that was made into playground things for the kids. Then Zoey and I had a fun time riding through the corn fields on a little cow train pulled by a tractor. After our "train" ride it was time for picking apples! We filled a 10 pound bag and while the apples aren't as good as those that we picked while in Bayfield they are good enough to have made the trip worthwhile and I'm sure I'll be able to do quite a bit of baking with them if nothing else. Quite a fun place to go with family...would recommend it to others with small children for sure.

Thankful for such beautiful weather and for the time to be able to make these little outings happen.

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Vicky said...

How fun! I love corn mazes :)