Weekend Gratitudes

Since the weather was amazing this weekend (with a few sprinkles thrown in here and there for good measure) we spent most of it outdoors. We hiked a new trail along the Willow Flowage and while we got lost trying to find the actual trail it was fun taking a drive and getting to see the fall colors,  once finding the trail we enjoyed a good 6 mile hike.  Some other things that we enjoyed over the weekend would include my baking some Cranberry Oatmeal bars (a new recipe) and even getting in some crafty time this evening.  The Packers won the football game today...and Zoey jumped in her first leaf pile of the season.  Zoey woke up this morning and it was the first thing that was on her "to-do" list for the day!  We headed out to the backyard and she started in with some raking...


I actually did most all of it but she posed quite nicely with the rake don't you think?  :)  We're going to have to try and find a child sized rake for her one of these days.


After the pile was complete it was time to test it out.







The joy that is found in these little moments is absolutely what it's all about.



Zoey was thrilled to discover that their was a little friend in the back woods watching her while she was jumping in the leaves.


I love that we can see all this beauty right in our backyard.  This season is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. 




After enjoying all this fresh air it's now time for some relaxing and perhaps some sampling of my Cranberry Bars that I baked earlier today!  What a wonderful and full weekend.

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Stacy Milford said...

gorgeous photos Jen!!! beautiful girl...beautiful scenery!!!

Marcy said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! All of it - the leaves, the sky, your daughter, the reflections... Happy Fall! YYUUMM.. Cranberry Bars? Would you share the recipe?

Vicky said...

Playing in the leaves during autumn was so much fun! So glad you all are able to enjoy that too :) Baking cranberry bars too! Yep, perfect weekend.

Patty said...

LOVE your photos Jen!

Adeline said...

Waouhhh... superbes les couleurs !!