My Dad's Art : Studio 14

I got to visit my dad over Thanksgiving this year and I am so very thankful. It was so good to see him and to help him out with some things that he needed help with while we were there.

The Runes

We helped him arrange some things in his art studio which was super fun...I don't think he believed me but it truly was. I love figuring out space and how to use it best.  His work is an eclectic mix of steel frames and stretched canvas and wood panels...I love every single piece that he has ever created and growing up getting to see him create in this way every day was pretty special.  Something that I tend to forget I think sometimes, not everyone got to paint on the floor as a child or draw on the walls.  :)  He was pretty cool like that.

Arthur Kdav - Studio 14

Arthur Kdav - Studio 14

Something kind of neat about his work is that there is always a message.  There is always something left to the viewer to interpret on their own and on their own terms even.  He rarely will share what it is that his intent was with a piece.  If you really press him though, he will eventually wear down and tell you...perhaps.

Arthur Kdav - Studio 14

Arthur Kdav - Studio 14

Arthur Kdav - Studio 14

Here is one of his stretched canvas' over a wooden frame pieces...this one I own.  It's about growing a community and what it takes to do so, it's also about balance and time.  I love it.  It was perfect for my first piece as I was just starting out and growing my own family and joining others in our new community as is a good reminder of what it takes to flourish.

Building a Community

And something kind of special...this painting (pictured at the beginning of this post and below) is now home with me here now and I get to look at it whenever I want and think of my dad.  I love it...absolutely love it.  The repeated images on the painting (and behind the doors) are the symbols of the Runes.  And the ones most prevalent in the painting are the symbols for balance, beginnings and new opportunities which are all perfect for me to see and think about each and every day.

I love you dad with all my heart.  Thank you.

My dad's painting hung at home.
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