The Nutcracker : 2010


Zoey was in the Nutcracker this weekend.  This was her third year performing in the Nutcracker so we knew the routine well.  This year she was a party guest and thus had quite a bit of time on stage which was fun.  It was an eventful evening to say the least with the girls in Zoey's group taking turns breaking down in tears.  To be fair it had been a long day (it was on Friday and rehearsal started after school and ran right up to the performance with a teeny break to eat dinner at the practice) and I think that most of the mother's volunteering were on the brink of their very own breakdown themselves but we all survived nicely and for the performance there were no tears to be found, only smiles.




I love that one of Zoey's bloomer legs is up and the other down...that is so her!  At intermission I went backstage to see if she wanted to come out and sit with us to watch the remainder of the performance and I couldn't find her...she was hiding underneath one of the risers with her hair all static, dust covering her skirt and all smiles and no, she did not want to come and join us...she was too busy playing tag with some of the other fashionable ladies!







As always, it was a nice way to get into the holiday swing of things and I was so very proud to be her mama watching her up there dancing away!

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Diana Waite said...

What fun clear pictures! What a fun PLAY--WTG!!

Patty said...

Beautiful photos Jen! Zoey is so adorable!

Vicky said...

Oh my! is Zoey beautiful! and growing up :) Love your pics and those little girl dresses are sweet!

Susan Beth said...

Love love love those photos! Wonderful!

Sarah said...

These pics are so pretty! Can't wait to see the pages you do with these!