Shrinky Dinks!


Over break Zoey and I had some fun playing with Shrinky Dinks (she got some from us for Christmas).  They are pretty addicting to tell you the truth, it's so fun to see them shrivel up and shrink in the oven!


We created about a dozen or so and still have lots more plastic to create with.  She put some of them on little pull rings.


The bird was my favorite.


She put the the one that says "Zoey" and the yellow flower on her backpack zipper and then I thought it was pretty funny that she went and put the one that say's "OK" on Ethan's backpack.  :)

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Glynis said...

I loved Shrinky dinks as a kid and am always on the lookout for some of that product to play with my kids! Looks like fun:O)

Vicky said...

Cool dinks :) and so glad Zoey's feeling better!

Ronda Palazzari said...

i love shrinky dinks! So happy she is feeling better!