The Spring Break from "H-E-double tooth-picks"

It started with Zoey missing school on the friday before spring break started. She had a low grade fever with a nasty, nasty cough so I kept her home from school thinking that she should rest so we that we could ensure getting to enjoy our break together as a family. Saturday I awoke with the nasty cough and fever. We are sick, together (how sweet) through Sunday...which is when I finally decide to call and postpone our reservations (we had plans to skip out of town) by one day. She starts perking up and has seemingly more energy so I'm definitely thinking that I'll be feeling better soon too. Monday we head out of town and spend most of the day driving to our destination. I am still not feeling too hot at this point, Zoey seems to be on the mend, though still is with her cough. Upon attempting to check-in at the hotel we are told that our room will not be ready for another half an hour or so (we were already past the check-in time). We waited. (This should have been the point in time when a light bulb went off in our heads and we think to ourselves that maybe things are not going to go as we might have had planned). Light bulbs do not go off. We check in and finally start unloading the car...once the bags are in the room I take a look at Ethan and he's got hot pink stains all over his pants. At first we think that he was bleeding and didn't know it, but it isn't blood. After a bit we realized that Zoey's bottle of children's liquid tylenol must have leaked through one of the bags and sure enough, that was what it was. I then (after cleaning sticky, pink goo off of pants and luggage) proceeded to take a nap (still not feeling so hot) and Ethan and Zoey headed to the pool. After they returned from the pool we all get ready and go out for dinner where we ended up waiting (again) for a table. Another bonus...turns out that the clock in the hotel room was not set to reflect the recent time change so we are actually eating later than normal and it kind of starts to make sense as to why everyone is a bit more hungrier (and crankier) than usual. (This also means I will miss the season finale of the Bachelor, which is silly I know, but an added annoyance to the evening so I just had to be sure to add it in the mix).  Fast forward to the evening hours...we finally are back in the room, tuckered out from traveling and not feeling so well so we get ready for bed. Lights are finally out and we all drift asleep. And that's where the story really get's fun...about 1am Ethan and I pop our eyes open to the most awful, grating, groaning noise ever. Turns out we were right next the mechanical room for the entire hotel. It sounded as though pipes were going to explode in our walls and in the ceiling. These noises occurred like clock-work approximately every 15 minutes or so, all through the night. I saw Only to have morning arrive with Zoey sleeping in waaaaay longer than she ever does and finally awaking with a raging fever. Cruel, cruel joke I tell you. We packed our bags and packed the car and made our way home where we've been sleeping and snuggling and coughing ever since. I feel like I am living in a Petri dish.

Thanks for letting me vent.

[Sidenote: as of today, Thursday, March 17th Zoey and I are both up and about...I'm thinking we just may luck out and get to enjoy a couple of days from our spring break after all.]

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Diana Waite said...

UGH! sorry to hear your fun wasn't ANY fun. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Take care my friend.

Tobey said...

awww, sorry you had to start your vacation off with yucky bugs and germs!! Hope you are on feeling better and can enjoy the last few days of vacation!

Unknown said...

That sounds so terrible! I hope you are able to enjoy the last couple days of the break.

Sarah said...

Oh no! What a bummer of a way to start Spring Break. Hope you get to enjoy this weekend!