Our New Neighbors

We've been pretty excited to discover that we have been sharing our yard with these fellows as of late. While looking out our patio doors the other morning I saw a flash of white and realized that an eagle had landed in our yard. I called for Ethan and Zoey to come to the window and Ethan shared that he saw it as well. I looked over at him and saw that he wasn't looking where I was looking and we realized there were actually two! Shortly after that we saw that in addition to the two adults there were two eaglets in another tree adjacent to where we were looking, they were just harder to pick out due to their coloring. The following photos are from the past two days and were taken from our front and back yard(s). The video is not that exciting to watch but the commentary of Zoey talking to the birds is a wee bit humorous and towards the end the eagle actually gets in on the conversation. :)








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Diana Waite said...

this is SO cool! I LOVE bald eagles they are just so magestic!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! How special to have them that close!