So Proud...

This morning I had one of those real life mom moments when I just was so unbelievably proud of Zoey. I dropped her off at school like usual on the playground...she immediately went to a friend that was sitting alone at the top of a hill who was sad because she had fallen in the mud and had two extremely dirty knees. Zoey tried to help her friend get her pants clean and when that didn't work she ran to me and asked if she could fall in the mud to make her pants dirty too to make her friend feel better. I of course said yes. In that little moment my heart just swelled with pride for what an amazing and compassionate little person she is and it made me think that I just may be doing alright with her after all. :)

These photos were taken last weekend when we were exploring a new park that is close to our home.  There was this amazing tree that was just begging Zoey to attempt to climb it...just had to share them.





Have a great weekend!

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Patty said...

I love trees and that one is pretty cool looking! What a thoughtful thing for Zoey to do! What a nice mom you are to let her:)