And Here We Are...


it's finally summer break from school and we've had a week of vacation already to get used to everyone's new schedules.  Zoey will be attending summer camp a few days a week at Montessori with me while I work with the exception being this week since she's attending Camp Invention.  I dropped her off early this morning and she was SO excited to see friends from school again and to get to hang out with the junior counselors.  This camp is such a cool experience for her to have, I am so excited for her!  Can't wait to hear all about her first day when I go to pick her up.

Other than camps this summer, Zoey's going to try a new summer dance/poms class that's being offered this summer by a new dance studio that's opened up in town.  We're planning her birthday party here soon for her's hard to believe that she's turning 7 already.  It seems like just yesterday it was her first day of Pre-School and now she's approaching 2nd grade.  There is also a summer reading program that's going on through her school which she's excited about as well as it means she will get to see her first grade teacher throughout the summer...whom she absolutely adores!  We are also of course going to spend plenty of time at the beach and at the parks I am sure.  It wouldn't be summer without some absolute FREE time to do whatever you please after all.  :)

For myself, besides working at the Montessori summer camp I'm planning on catching up on my summer reading (I've got my stack of books ready to go!), I'm getting back into taking care of myself again which will mean heading back out to the track (hopefully daily) to get some exercise time in and I'm hoping to get some time to create with hands in again.  It seems as though I took a brief hiatus from crafting (at least when it comes to how much I used to be crafting - I don't think I could ever take a complete break!) when I switched gears with my job change.  Now that I'm feeling more settled I am getting the urge to create again in a major way and that is making me happy!

Ethan is planning on writing a bit this summer and has some other special creative projects in the works. This will be his first summer in 4 years where he isn't enrolled in a graduate class.  To say he is looking forward to the freedom that will mean is an understatement!  He is also puttering around the yard and this past weekend created a rock border around our rock garden that is in front of the house.  He also is running, and biking and planning on spending time with all of us at the beach too!

I love that we have this time together to chill and be us again away from the hectic days that surround school.  Hooray for summer break!

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Vicky said...

Sounds like a wonderful Summer ahead for you all :) Time to be together, wind down and gear up for fun! Take care of yourself Jen :)