It's like having a baby in the house again...






We are all pretty much smitten with him...he's been super good with Zoey, he's a good eater and is fully house-broken (thank goodness!), he's a couch potato when inside (I guess pretty common considering he's part greyhound), and he absolutely, positively will not leave my side! If I'm sitting on the couch and get up to get a glass of water he's right beside me. If I go to the bathroom he's trying to charge right in along with me. I cannot do a thing without him right at my side...right now I'm typing this and he's about 2 inches from me. This morning while outside he was sitting under my chair. It's kind of fun having a four legged admirer though, I have a feeling Zoey is getting a wee bit jealous. Good thing that she's usually no more than 2 steps away from me too! :)

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Diana Waite said...

so fun! my dogs do the same with my hubby--they always think he's going to do something fun! :)

Vicky said...

Buddy is so adorable! I just knew you'd be having tons of fun and getting in some great photo shoots!