Leo + Zoey = Puppy Love

Zoey and Leo

  • Leo loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses
  • Leo loves to play with toys and fetch and jump through Zoey's hoola hoop
  • Leo loves to take walks on the Bearskin Trail with us every night
  • Leo loves to sit on everyone's lap (Ethan's especially)
  • Leo loves to scrounge for people food...he won't eat his food until he absolutely knows that there is no chance of getting any tiny morsel of what we are having for dinner (he has already gotten some tasty little morsels here and there)
  • Leo loves to listen to NPR
  • Leo loves to tear around the house like a madman with his toy lion in his mouth
  • Leo loves to play and give cuddles to the neighbor kids as well as to Zoey
  • Leo loves to catch up on his rest while we are away at the beach or running errands (so nice to not worry about him while we are away)
  • Leo loves his new home where he is discovering all the new sights and smells and family and friends that love him
Welcome to our family Leo!  We love you!

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Patty said...

Leo is adorable Jen, as is Zoey! Glad you have a dog that will work for your family. Even though Toby drives us nuts with his barking, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have to have a dog in my life!

Vicky said...

what a fabulous photo Jen! those two look so happy together :) I'm so very glad everything worked out ok. And I've just got to say, what a wonderful sister you have!