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Turkey and Spinach Sandwich Roll-Ups

We've been trying out some new easy and fun lunches for possible new takes on the PB + J cold lunches that Zoey seems to love during the school year. This one was a success, and I think it was in part that she got to help make it! All I know is that I'm happy to have something else to pack in her lunch box this school year.

Turkey and Spinach Sandwich Roll-Ups

Ingredients: whole wheat tortillas, low fat cream cheese or hummus, turkey, spinach, shredded carrots

Spread the cream cheese or hummus on the tortilla and layer with the turkey, spinach and shredded carrots. Starting on one end, roll up the the tortilla and then slice into little circles. Refrigerate until cold and pack in insulated lunch box with ice pack or serve right away!



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Vicky said...

Oh Mom! you are so special! Zoey is lucky to have you as her mother Jen :)
We make these rolling baby pickles up in the middle of everything, yum!