snapshots from the weekend...


Sunday Zoey and I spent the day at an area park and she played and I took some photos and then we both played again.  It was one of those mild days where the fresh air was invigorating and made everything seem right...or pretty close to being right.  I love these moments with Zoey so much and they fuel me to  keep going when things get crazy and real life sneaks in to show it's true colors.


A lot of people don't really care for this in-between time between fall and winter but I do.  If you look closely you can see so much of life and it's offerings busy at work.  There is proof of what once was and what will be again.





And then of course there is this beautiful and amazing life force to reckon with.  What a pure and lovely soul she is.  I am so proud to have the gift of being her mom...God knew what he was doing when he created her for me...she's perfect.



She loves with her whole heart and doesn't hold back.  She trusts her instincts and does the right thing even when not asked.


She is such a good friend to her peers.  There have been little things that she will say or do that makes my heart feel as though it's going to soar right on out of my chest...she makes me so proud of how thoughtful and caring she is.




She plays like there is no tomorrow.  Her ferocity is something to be reckoned with.  Her ideas are always big ideas and somehow, someway, they will come to fruition if she has anything to do with it.


She has been known to shout out from the top of her lungs "I LOVE MY LIFE!" taking no note of where she is or who is around.  What a life lesson that is to me.


Still can't believe that I have a child old enough to have all those holes in her mouth though, but I do and wouldn't have it any other way!


Thank you for the gift of times like this Lord.


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Diana Waite said...

Jen this is just a LOVELY tribute--AWESOME pictures too!

Denise said...

what a lovely post Jen. God bless your family!