the tree...


is up.  The stockings are hung.  The wreath and pine boughs are hung.  There are little bits of  Christmas all around.  Zoey and I watched our first Christmas movie together snuggled up on the couch this evening. I'm so looking forward to these next few weeks leading up to the holidays.  Some things on the list include:
  • Advent by Candlelight Service for Women at Peace Church
  • School Christmas Program
  • The Nutcracker Ballet featuring Zoey as a mouse and a candy cane (two performances for her this year)
  • decorating cut out cookies
  • baking
  • donating to the food pantry with Zoey 
  • decorating a gingerbread house with Zoey
  • wrapping gifts
  • playing in the snow (assuming we get some)
  • drinking cocoa and tea
  • snuggling on the couch and watching TV specials and holiday classics
  • listening to Christmas music 
  • doing craft projects with Zoey for family gifts
  • planning for our Christmas Eve meal and the special treats that accompany it
I'm sure that more things will find their way to the list, but for now I'm quite content with what's there.  I love this time of year so much.  I feel like I'm in a good place with the start of things here this year. Zoey's shopping is done.  I just need to finish up a few things for Ethan and then I just have our extended family to think about.  Merry..merry!  I want to remember and feel the joy this season.  That's the biggest and bested part after all!  Pure magic.

And here is a funny photo of Zoey on our way home from visiting my family over Thanksgiving break. Those that know her know that she NEVER sleeps in the car.  She didn't when she was a baby and certainly not now that she's older...until now that is.  Check out this sleeping beauty.

I was positively giggling when I discovered her sleeping like this!  :)

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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Diana Waite said...

your tree looks amazing!

Vicky said...

ooooooo! beautiful tree! and awwwwww... what a sweet sleeping princess :)