January Cocoa Daisy Sneaks...


Here they are!  I feel like I need to explain a little something layouts for this month are really pretty simple and that's because they were created with one hand because...(drum roll), I have a fractured radial head (elbow) from falling on the ice while skating with Zoey.  Talk about a big bummer!  Why does it seem that we are either sick or hurt during holidays or school breaks?  I'm beginning to dread them now as I think we are hexed.  Anyways, I love this months kit, I just wish that I had the ability to create more with it.  I meet with the orthopedic surgeon early next week so hopefully I will learn more then and be back on the road to recovery.  Argh!  Until then I'll be surfing the web for crafty ideas, catching up on what's on television these days and reading!
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Olivia said...

Oh no Jen! I hope you get good news from the ortho. Your sneaks are lovely even though I can't see much!! Guess if you showed it all it would ruin the "sneak" part of sneak peek. LOL Hope you feel better soon and that it is an easy fix on that elbow. It sounds downright painful...That funny bone is just not funny!! Praying for a quick and pain free recovery for you.