Butterfly Lollipop Valentine

Butterfly Lollipop

I've been playing around a bit with the Silhouette Cameo (every chance I get!)and saw this cute little template for a butterfly treat holder and had to whip one up. I'm thinking these would make cute little Valentine's for Zoey's friends this year. Each one could be made up a little differently.

Yesterday Zoey and I swung by the Minocqua Public Library after school and we spent an hour there just enjoying it together. Zoey, sitting at one of the table in the children's area reading a book and I perusing what's new for women's fiction. She didn't want to leave when we had our pile all put together...that made me so happy. I can picture her someday riding her bike there after school or in the summertime and just spending the afternoon there. Something that I did when I was little. I love libraries and books and am so glad that she does too.

Today Zoey's been invited to the Children's Museum with a friend which means I'll have some time to get some last minute cleaning and organizing done before my mom and sister come to visit. I'm so excited to have them coming for a visit and I know that Zoey is too. There are always so many things that I want to do when they are here and never enough time, just all the more reason to visit more often.

I'm able to keep my sling off now and while the first couple of days with it off was hard (lots of stiffness and pain), I still have some of the pain but my mobility is getting better and better every day. It's pretty exciting when I wake up and realize that I can do something that I couldn't the day before. This morning it's excitement over being able to reach my head and slowly twirl a curl on my truly is the little things with this injury! I still can't put pressure on the arm (no push-ups or pushing down on the bed with that arm to get up) but I am able to pick things up now(half a gallon of milk or lighter) and I can open a door (albeit slowly). Any motion where I have to twist or rotate my arm is still quite painful and stretches though are helping I think for this motion. This is really the first injury that I've had of this kind and it's amazing what the human body can do to take care of itself when called upon. Though reading up on this kind of injury (radial head fracture) makes me also very thankful that I'm healing as fast as I am...there are quite a few horror stories out there regarding elbow injuries.

One of the things that I want to try and do this weekend is to go and see the movie We Bought a Zoo directed by Cameron Crowe which is based on a true story. I've heard great things about it and it just looks to be one of those feel good heartwarming movies which is sometimes just what one needs when the weather is grey and everything is slushy and muddy outside, a/k/a depressing. :)

If I get around to going to it I'll be sure to let you know what I think! Enjoy your weekend!

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Sue from Oregon said...

Glad to read you are getting better each day! I so want to watch that movie after watching that trailer! I got a new silhouette for very fun!

Unknown said...

Super clever lollipop idea! I want to see that movie