Loving Leo


I snapped some cute photos of Zoey and Leo yesterday while they were playing around outside in the snow.  It was a beautiful day and the two of them were having so much fun.  There are so many reasons that having Leo is good for Zoey.


He greets her every day after school with jumps and tail wags and then rolls over on the floor for a tummy rub.  He makes her laugh every single day...either by his silly groaning/talking, or his missing the bed when he tries and jumps up to be with her or him just being his goomber old self.


Grant it, she does get angry with him at times.  He has been known to knock over one or two of her doll's tea cups at tea parties, accidentally pick up a favorite toy belonging to Zoey in his mouth, or trip her up when she's dancing.



But she loves him so, so,  much.  We all do.


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scrappymo! said...

I couldn't get onto the post above to leave you a comment. I love that shadow box.
Great job! I scrolled down to this post to access comments and I'm glad I did...what beautiful pictures!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, what amazing photos!!! So fun to see them both enjoying the snow.

Vicky said...

You ARE a Photographer! these photos are just beautiful! Love Z's pink snowsuit :) against the white and greys of winter! Leo's beautiful too :)