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Photos for the Dolls

My brain is just brimming with ideas to make little things for Zoey and her dolls to make her play even more super easy and little thing that I did today was put up some wall photos in her doll play area to make it seem more "room" like. I found some 3 1/2 x 5 inch photo matting boards at Wal-Mart for $1 and inserted some photos of her dolls in them and then mounted them on the wall near her doll beds with ticky tack. It makes her little play area so much homier! And then also while at Wal-Mart I found this little swivel salon chair for $20 (certainly beats $58 at AG) and I picked it up, because, why not? She LOVES it and I have to admit, so do I! It came with a cape, rollers, a hairdryer, brush and scissors. And the best part, tonight while tucking Zoey into bed she whispered to me, "Mom, I love my salon playset so much, I just want to play with it right now! My dollies love it too!" Yay!

Playing Hair Salon

Another idea I came across on the internet while googling handmade American Girl Doll accessories was this tutorial on how to make a doll quilt from an old pillowcase. How brilliant is that? I checked out my stash of old pillowcases and didn't find any cute ones but I did find some old off-white shams that Ethan hasn't ever like my using for the bed and with the scalloped edges it actually makes for some cute and classy bedding for the bunk-beds. I inserted some other mis-matched doll blankets inside to make it more like a comforter and now it's like a duvet cover! I'm going to keep an eye out at the thrift shop now for sure for cute pillowcases. I do think she needs a pop of color now though on her beds and was thinking of making some cute little pillows, but need to get my hands on some cute and colorful fabric to make them first.

It's been a great weekend so far, full of play, being cozy at home and cuddling. Perfection!

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Unknown said...

okay you are so me! ha! Alyson has the hair chairs but from target. I made her a bed - but have my eye on a doggie bed that looks like a princess bed from home goods - waiting for it to go on sale. Also, in the dollar spot, they have this mini microscope, I bought it for her dolls - ha! We must share ideas!

TOBEY said...

how cute, I Love the coverlets for her beds, looks like matelleise (or however you spell it!LOL) bedspreads!! You have such wonderful ideas for Zoey and her dolls!

Char said...

I love it!! What a creative project and your doll space is too cute.