I love how you look at the world and those around you at any given moment and have the ability to truly see what is at the root of it all. It is a gift that I hope you hold on to.

Your genuine desire to be good and true just shatters any ideas that I may have ever had that it's impossible to raise a responsible and accountable child in today's society.

I cherish that you still reach out to hold my hand when I know that so many peers do not. My hope is that there will always be a path paved between us both.

I love that you show your excitement as well as your hurts with me, even when it isn't easy.

I pray that I am giving you what you need to succeed at what matters the most in this life, a calm and peaceful heart.

I see a weakness that is my own in you, a certain kind of stubbornness, but also know that if called upon correctly it will serve you well when the time is right.

I continuously need to reign in my desire to protect you from all that is wrong with the world and allow you to see and determine for yourself what is what, to let you pave your own path to where it is that you need to go.

My darling and fierce daughter, how I love you so.

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Diana Waite said...

this is just beautiful Jen. LOVE the picture too!

Denise said...

wonderful post.