American Girl Doll Shopping Bag Tutorial

If you haven't noticed already by reading the most recent blog posts here on my blog, playing dolls has become pretty important around here. Zoey's dolls go to school (here at home), enjoy tea parties, go outside for some play time and chill out and enjoy reading and movies. I would be lying too if I shared that I wasn't a part of this play once in awhile. :) I have to admit that for the longest time I waited and waited and waited, hoping that Zoey might show an interest in dolls and when she was younger she didn't all that much. I never pressed it, but now, on her own, her love of dolls has shown itself! Hooray! I think it started with her getting an American Girl doll from her Grandma and Grandpa for her birthday last year. In order to share in her excitement along the way I've had some fun creating some things for her dolls or her doll play and today I thought I'd share a great pattern with you that I found online that can be made to the scale of that of an 18 inch doll. The pattern is for a shopping bag! Because we all know that a girl's got to shop! ;)
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After using the pattern that I found here, I embellished it using a little 3 dimensional sticker that I had on hand in my scrapbooking stash. I added some ribbon and just like that I had a little shopping bag for Zoey's doll Kristen. Kristen is kind of like Zoey's Aunt Serena I am told and likes to shop till she drops. :) Below is the pattern for the shopping bag. I saved it to my computer and then enlarged it (it was a
bit blurry) but I made it to the size that I wanted.


I love finding great ideas on the web for handmade things for Zoey's dolls and thought I'd pass them along!

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Sara said...

Cute! I needed to make a doll shopping bag for a photo shoot so this is perfect!