Playing Dolls...


This morning Zoey was busy playing in her bedroom and when she came in the kitchen to ask for some aluminum foil I went in and checked to see what she was busy with. She was making an ice skating rink for her dolls of course! She had both of her dolls bundled up in their skates and coats and ready to go. I started helping at this point and sharing in on the fun. :) At one point though one of her dolls fell and hurt their foot and had to go to the hospital. Good thing we had a wheelchair handy!  The wheelchair and crutches set I found here and is so much fun to play with for what the price was (it's a bonus to have free shipping too)'s cheaper than some of the AG outfits!

It's so fun to share in Zoey's play...I love listening to her and see how her "plans" manifest themselves and turn into all sorts of other adventures.  Today ended up being quite the day for doll play.  Her playing with dolls didn't end here, though I will share what else we did in future posts.  There are some do-it-yourself doll crafts to be shared in your future!

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