A Poem

on the beach

Braiding Cornsilk 

my fingers interlace her hair
and i am struck by the colors of the strands,
the light against the darker
and as i wrap the band
securing the braid,
it looks like cornsilk,
contrasting colors,
woven together
into beauty.

can you take someone like me
and weave it with someone like her
and will it come out in
beautiful bands of color?
sometimes i feel so dark
and dull
and i'm afraid i'm squelching
her vibrancy
and i feel that this role of motherhood,
i'm tainting somehow.
and i wonder if i was ever cut out for this job anyway,
this job of braiding cornsilk.

the knots ensnare me
and the pulling causes pain
and what if
she sees me as a harsh detangler?
my heart is to comb gently, you know,
but there is this impatience in me.

i want her to know that i love braiding
her cornsilk hair.
i want her to know that i love weaving life
with her.
i want her to know that our contrasts have the
power to behold beauty.
but i'm prone to tangles, too.

and i'm just praying that she remembers
the smooth hands
and the careful entwining,
and the banding together,
three cords strong.

and i'm just praying she remembers
the interlacing fingers,
the hands that pray,
the hands that hold.

and i'm just praying that despite my tangles
we weave together trust,
that we are banded in love,
three cords strong.
i'm just praying...

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful Poem! Have a great day jen!

Vicky said...

How wonderful! Praying for that too :)

Unknown said...

It just touches my heart that you would share this in your space. Many , many blessings to you.

TOBEY said...

what a beautiful lovely poem Jenn, thanks for sharing it with us!!