Just Tri It Triathlon and Our First Beach Day of the Summer!

DSC06499 Today was a busy day!  It started with all of us getting up early and heading to Manitowish Waters to cheer on Ethan as he swam, biked and ran his way through the Just Tri It triathlon.  This was his third time participating in this one and he beat his previous times this go round so it was fun to be a part of his personal victory..
It was also fun just to be around the energy and excitement that the day brought.  While we waited Zoey worked on some of her gymnastic moves and I got to people watch which is always fun.  I saw a family that had made t-shirts to root for their dad and I think we'll be doing that for Ethan next time.
There were 162 participants and Ethan placed 27th overall.  Within his age group though he placed 5th which is a personal best for him.
It's so easy for me to brush off his running every day as "his thing" but in reality it's a lot of work, dedication and a practice in self control.  Today when I left I felt a little energized myself and finding myself thinking that I want to do something like this for myself too.
Zoey of course was proud of him too...though she didn't really want to get too terribly close to him because he was so stinky and sweaty.
DSC06481 DSC06480
After the triathlon we headed for home and decided to spend the afternoon at the beach.  Which Zoey wasn't thrilled all.  :)
She is a fish!  She spent all afternoon in the water.
I love how you can really tell she has my grandpa's ears when she wears swim goggles.
-3 -4 -6
And it wouldn't be an outing together if we didn't strike a silly pose for the camera.
What a great day!  It truly felt as though it was the first day of summer for us here.  Hoping for many more days like this.
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