American Girl Doll Slumber Party!

I've been working so much lately and have been sick with a head cold and have been feeling as though I haven't been doing as much as I want to with is starting up fast here and I was really counting on spending some quality time together before it's in full swing again.  Finally today I felt good enough to put forth some energy into a project that she's been asking me about for awhile now.  She wanted an American Girl television so her dolls could watch movies and football games and other shows.  :)  Today was the day that we made that happen.  I covered up a small American Girl doll box (one that a clothing set came in) with grey paper and added some black buttons, adhered some wooden small coffee stirrer sticks which I colored grey and added some small silver brads to the top to the back of the box for the antennae, printed off a screen shot of some scenes from the McKenna movie, a Packer football game and some other of Zoey's favorite TV shows and we were set!

We got the girls all together and comfy for watching their favorite American Girl movie about one of their best friends, McKenna Brooks (who just happened to be over for the slumber party).

It's safe to say that the dolls love their new TV, (we may have to enforce some rules about television viewing around here) and after the movie (and after Zoey and I really did watch the movie McKenna) everyone got in their pj's and got cozy in their was a fun evening and here's to hoping that tomorrow I'll be feeling even better than I was today!