Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration Class


I am so excited to be participating in Melody Ross's course Soul Restoration right now.  The online class began this Tuesday and I already know that it's going to be a beautiful thing for me and where I am in my life right now.  I have been needing something like this, craving for it actually for quite some time now.  Something to get me back to the me that I love...something that will get me digging out my paints again and get me reflecting in a quiet place.  I always seem to bloom when I take some time out of the busy days that make up my life and carve a bit out for myself to create.  To create in a free way, something that's not for an assignment or a design team or for the Craft and Hobby Association. Something just for me to shape and imagine.  I already finished my book cover (for one of the projects) and now I can't wait to fill it!


It's nice to taking some time for me again doing something creative where I can enjoy the creative process and make it my own.
Unknown said...

I took the very first SR1 in addition to SR2. You will LOVE it!