First Day of 3rd Grade


It feels like it was just yesterday that it was the first day of Pre-K and here we are now in a whole different building then Pre-K and now a whole different wing and are officially a "big kid" now. This morning you were the bravest that I've ever seen you, there were no visible last minute jitters as we walked down the hall for you to find your locker. There were definitely no tears this year and I had to ask for a hug and kiss before you left, (a first). You were so excited to see what 3rd grade was going to be all about and who would be sitting by you in your classroom this year (your friend Summer and a new girl named Suzanne). :) Important stuff first after all!



We had to paint our fingernails last night so that they looked nice for your first day...


and this morning you requested "fancy" braids.



I am happy to report too that your first day of school this year went off without a hitch. That is, besides having to drop to the ground out on the playground with your friend Ruby to avoid getting face planted by a flying volleyball. :) I think you're going to do just fine my little Zoey girl! I love you so much!

And just for fun...

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Sarah said...

I always love your Zoey school posts b/c my son is the same age, so I love seeing another third grade mom's view. Zoey is such a pretty girl, and I know she will love third grade. Being a "big kid" is how it is here too. Lots of change, but good change I think!