I'm baaaack...


and I have so many photos that I don't know what to do...hopefully I'll get them all sorted and posted online by the weekend. Until then, I was here:




We got to see our old classmate and friend (my old college roomate) who now calls Colorado home while there which was kind of surreal as well.  I haven't seen her in about 5 or 6 years.


Yep, pretty amazing.  Of course there was a moment when I cried.  My travel mate didn't know (well, she does now), but I did.  Just tears silently streaming down my cheeks and it had to do more with the moment itself, the reality of it was at the concert at Red Rocks that did me in, the song that was being sung by Christina Perri, the breeze that was gently blowing, seeing all the women's dresses and skirts billowing in the wind, the reality of where it was that I had my feet planted, and just the whole of it. The experience itself.  Taking it all in as the true gift that it was. This was a trip that I will not soon forget.
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