The Evening's BIG Event...



So this evening was pretty nice, Ethan actually got home at a decent hour for dinner...I made a nice meal for all of us and we were all for the most part in good spirits, etc., etc., etc. Fast forward to later in the evening and we discover that our bedroom closet door has not only come off it's track but the screws and hinges are coming off at the part where the door actually folds as well. FUN! And the whole time that Ethan and I are working at getting it back together and on the track, our darling daughter was 3 feet away drawing and writing her observations of the event. Just lovely! :) But incredibly adorable when it was all said and done.


Love you Zoey girl! And thank you dear daughter for always making light of the truly little things!

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Shauna said...

That's so cute! Not the door coming off but the picture.:)