A Bit of Halloween Crafting...and a Bit of Snow!


I thought I'd take a break here from my Colorado photos and share some little Halloween craft projects that I've been doing here.  Just some little things using my Silhouette Cameo...still love that machine so much!  I made these little treat holders for some of Zoey's neighbor friends.


And then I made this little spooky paper lantern for a bit of seasonal decor for our table or hutch. This is what it looks like in the light...


and then when it's dark (I have a battery operated little flame inside) this is what it looks like when the candle is lit inside.  Zoey loves it.  :)


The annual Zoo Boo is this weekend...and so far the weather forecast is not favorable for fun.  Rain, rain, rain, RAIN!  Go away rain!  Here's to crossing our fingers for the weather to cooperate for all the kids in the community here.

Speaking of weather...this past Saturday we saw our first snow flurries of the season.  Zoey woke up and was THRILLED as always.  She was heard saying:

"Yay, it SNOWED!"
"I smell CANDY CANES!"
and then after a brief pause...

Spoken like the true little girl of the Northwoods that she is.  She quickly had breakfast and was outside to play a bit before it disappeared.


She did get out the sled and actually got about a dozen slides in down the hill before it turned into a grassy mud slide.


And she was able to make an itty bitty little snowman/alien.



What excitement the first snow is!  It's already all gone but I'm sure more is not all that far off.

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lisa said...

How sweet! I love this happy blog post and I love your candy bags.

Jen, that trip to Colorado looks amazing. What an awesome place to visit.

Hope you are keeping well.
Miss you xx