A Family Tradition - Bumper Pool


Over this past weekend Zoey was introduced to one of my husband's many family traditions...the game of Bumper Pool.  We played teams, Zoey and I against Ethan and his mother.  Zoey and I won one game and Ethan and his mother won two.  Zoey LOVED playing and wanted to keep on going despite the fact that it was about an hour and a half past her bedtime.  Imagine that...

Here is Grannie Annie in all her glory...concentration, concentration, CONCENTRATION!

Here is her team's best kept secret...Ethan or better known to Zoey as Papa.  He has many years of experience so his winning can't be held against him.

And here is the littlest team member who is on her way to Bumper Pool stardom...we'll have to regroup and keep our eyes on Christmas break for our next possible win!

It's so fun sharing with Zoey the things that made up our childhood memories...and seeing her absolute delight in them!
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