Happy Thanksgiving!


I did it!  I haven't made Thanksgiving dinner by myself for a long time now...going to my mom's has been the tradition but this year my husband traveled 10 hours round trip to go and pick up my dad (who doesn't drive) to bring him here for Thanksgiving this year.  So very thankful for that gift!  And I have to say that I think that my Grandmother and my mom might have been a little bit proud of my culinary achievements.  Turkey, red mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing, green beans, corn, pickled beets, cranberry sauce, waldorf salad, pumpkin pie and wild berry pie.  Whew!  The first Thanksgiving dinner that I ever made was for my dad too...back then I ended up baking the plastic bag of turkey innards along with the turkey, I guess one could say that I've come along way since then?

Thankful for this time with my dad and my little family of three...Happy Thanksgiving!

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