Zoey Got Her Hair Cut!!!


Today Zoey got her hair cut.  Not just a hair cut...but her first ever "professional" hair cut.  And it was a big one... (Amanda or Misty, if you are reading this...please don't tell the girls, Zoey wants this to be a surprise at school on Monday!).

I was so nervous...she, was not.  She was pumped and ready to do it and be done!  She couldn't wait to get it cut after I finally said yes to her pleas this morning.

The lady that cut her hair put it all in a ponytail and chopped it off and then said to Zoey, "There...we're all done!" and Zoey had a paralyzed smile on her face and I could tell she was freaked!!!

Thankfully the lady let her know she was joking right away!

Because at that point things were looking a bit crooked and uneven!

And then came the fun part...all the fine tuning of the cut.  I will say that my stomach was in knots.  There was an older lady sitting near me and she kept on commenting on how grown up she was going to look and I almost started to cry because yes, this is one of those little milestones.  I remember begging to get my hair cut when I was her age and my mom finally agreed to it I think around 5th grade and then...she and my dad both cried!

She is donating her cut hair to Locks of Love and I am so proud of her. Some little girl or boy will have some beautiful hair coming their way soon!

 And here is the finished look!  I can't tell if she looks younger or older?

I love the back...

The style definitely fits her spunky little self, that's for sure!

Are you done taking pictures mom???  :)

I LOVE YOU Zoey Raen!!!
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