A Much Needed Day Here...


Life has been a little extra crazy here this week. My car decided to call it quits on me (or rather, need some pretty pricey fixes which we're thinking aren't worth what's left of the life of the car) so that threw a bit of a wrench in things. It actually threw me pretty close to the edge actually since I've been stressing about other things here and the car was just the thing that brought me close to losing it. Thankfully some time, sleep and perspective put me back in my place pretty quick! That and some sunshine and some free time! Today I had off of work and I spent it gathering my flowers, getting some potting spoil, cleaning out the pots and getting them ready for some planting! I'm planning on spending the better part of tomorrow playing in the dirt with Zoey. I picked up some items from the dollar store today for Zoey to make a fairy garden while I do some planting and transplanting of things. I cannot wait.

Ethan's mom got me some flowers last weekend and then I picked up some more today at Ace while getting the potting soil and Zoey's fairy garden items (the dollar store is connected to our hardware store).

After I got all organized for our project tomorrow I went and picked Zoey up from school and we went for a bike ride on the Bearskin Trail. It's so nice living so close to the's something that we might take for granted at times.

I shot a little clip of Zoey riding on the trail one handed while biking myself...I can't believe I didn't topple over!

It felt so good getting out and enjoying the day with Zoey this way!

Afterwards Zoey and I enjoyed some ice tea...a favorite!

Today was the perfect day.  I needed it.  So happy to start our long weekend this way.

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Unknown said...

I love your house! So much beautiful nature around you!:)