Photos from Our Weekend Getaway to Bayfield, Wisconsin


We wanted to go to Bayfield all didn't happen.  We were busy working, didn't have the money to burn, were sick, had company or vehicles weren't cooperating, etc.  The list could go on and on. It just wasn't in the cards.  We were bound and determined to make it happen though for our anniversary since we love this time of year and we love going to the apple orchards we thought it would be perfect.  We booked the rooms well in advance at one of our favorite places to stay,   The Brookside Hideaway, which is located 2 miles south of Bayfield near the Port Superioir Marina.  The week before we were to go, Zoey got sick with a nasty upper respiratory cold, I ended up getting pink eye...and then one night I pulled out a tea bag from the cupboard because my throat was feeling sore and the tea bag read "an upcoming vacation will be a doozey" I was crushed!  But alas, thankfully, the tea was incorrect...we had a lovely time!  Zoey was healthy, I was healthy (thanks to a trip to the dr.) and all was good.  Here are some of our photos to prove it.

Here we are at the Brookside taking Leo for a walk.  We love that it's a bit off the beaten path and not right in with all the busy-ness of Bayfield.  What can I say...we love the woods.

Here Zoey is on our little private porch in the morning.  It was nice to start the day out there drinking our coffee before heading into town.

A shot of the Port Superior Marina.

Leo approves of the pet friendly accommodations as well.  The office where you check-in actually has some doggy items (as well as many other things) in case you forgot some much needed doggy bags for walks or treats, etc.  Upon arriving at 9pm on Friday evening it was nice to check-in (they left the contract and the keys on the table for us) and to be able to pick one of the apples from the bushel baskets that were set out for the visitors of the Brookside...they were delicious!  The rooms we've stayed in have always been clean, comfortable and quiet.  A bonus is the giant whirlpool tubs that they have in the bathrooms.

Saturday it called for rain later in the day so we were up early and off to see some orchards right away!  We started with one we had never been to before, Erickson's Orchard because we had read that there were some activities there for kids as well as an opportunity to pick our own apples.

Sure enough...upon arriving they handed Zoey a map and told her she was to find the names of the 9 scarecrows that were in the orchard and if she could, she would win a prize.

Grandpa Ross was along for our apple orchard mom had to work (we would catch up to her later in the day).  It was a great morning with a slight breeze, perfect weather for apple picking and for looking for scarecrows!

Zoey's favorite scarecrow was Muriel.  :)

Hmmm...working together to figure some of the ones out at the end of our search.

Love this photo of Zoey.

While walking along I spotted a Superman figurine sitting in one of the apple trees, it was pretty funny because...

Ethan just happened to be wearing his Superman tee.  :)

After finding the last scarecrow we got serious about picking some apples.  That's why we really came after all.

Some testing along the way was in order.  Shhhh!  Don't was a small one!

What a great day!

I've got lots more photos to share of our weekend away...will post more tomorrow!
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