Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour and 1 Girl Nation


This past weekend Zoey and I and some friends went to Wausau to see the band 1 Girl Nation and to take part in the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour.  It was so much fun, the girls from 1 Girl Nation are amazing role models for young girls.  It was the perfect time and age to take Zoey to something like this.

Here she is with her friend Hannah.

It was nice, we got to the venue a bit early so we were able to let the girls go up on the stage for a photo.  We also got some good seats.  There were some people that had to stand in the back because there was such a great turn-out.

Here are the girls from 1 Girl Nation.  From left to right it's Lauryn Taylor, Kayli, Carmen, Lindsey, and Kelsey.  When I asked who Zoey's favorite was she replied with Carmen but was quick to add that she really liked them all.  I was impressed with Kelsey and Taylor's voices and thought that Lauryn Taylor was super cute.  But again, I liked them all!

Here are the girls coming out on to stage for the first time at the beginning of the show.

One of our favorite songs from the night was Love Like Crazy...

Another favorite was Turn Around...

All their songs were catchy and fun, this was another favorite titled Live For You.  Zoey's favorite song was Count Your Rainbows but I couldn't find a link to it to share.

The girls were great dancers too which made the show even more different points in the concert they had the girls come up front to get to watch closer or shared movements to have them do along with them.

After the singing at the beginning of the show out came the two speakers from Secret Keeper Girl, Suzy Weibel and Charmaine Porter.  They were awesome!

At one point they had the girls check under their seats to see if they could find a hairbrush (to tame that crazy hair!) and wouldn't you know it...out of the 6 mother/daughter groups that were called up to the stage to DANCE, we were one of them!  My friend Stacy tried to get pictures of us on stage but we were moving and a grooving too fast for her...but here we are doing some line dancing I think.

Here is another blurry but fun one for the memory bank.  :)  We had to dance to every era of music so we did some disco, the YMCA, country line dancing...I can't even recall what else!  So fun! Zoey shared with me that the dancing on stage was one of her favorite parts of the evening.

After all of our crazy dancing there was a little skit put on by some girls and narrated by Charmaine about following the crowd and to be who it is that you are meant to let yourself shine and in time, we will all grow into our tail feathers.  We are NOT meant to follow the crowd.  We are meant to STAND OUT.  A great message for young girls.

There was a little competition all throughout the evening between the pink and blue team (they divided the room in half at the beginning of the show) here is one of the competitions (trying to get the pink "bubbles" onto one side of the room and the blue on the other.

Here are our friends Hannah and Stacy coming back to their seats from winning one of the prize drawings that were drawn throughout the evening.  It was so cool that we both got chosen for something a little special!

Here was another one of the little pink vs. blue team competitions.  Who could put the verse in the correct order the fastest.

Beyond all the fun and silliness and the music the message throughout the evening was that our world today wants us to be followers.  God doesn't want that for us.  He wants us to be strong and confident and to live...for Him!  That means different things for different people, but most of means being who you were meant to be and to not be concerned with growing up too fast and to know that YOU are a child and princess of your Father.  There were several bible verses that we read throughout the program together as a group and time to pray over our daughters. They touched briefly on bullying as well which I appreciated.  In my opinion, it was just meaty enough for the age group that was attending.  It didn't become too heavy but it dug deep enough to make a connection with the audience of  young girls.  I'm so glad that we went!

It ended with more singing from 1 Girl Nation...

There were tables set up in the lobby with merchandise available for purchase throughout the show as well as before and afterwards.  We had already ordered 1 Girl Nation's cd but we did pick up some of the fiction books from the Secret Keeper Girl series (Danika's Totally Terrible Toss and Just Call Me Kate) and we also picked up A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls and 8 Great Dates for Moms & Daughters.

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