The Weekend...


Four days in at school and she's sick already with a sore throat!!  It was bothering her Friday after school and that night and all day Saturday...she was supposed to have a play date with a friend and a sleepover but instead we took it easy and stayed home and did some crafting and watched movies. I re-arranged my craft area and put the two desks that I had lined up in a row before together to make more work space.  Zoey approves.  :) This morning Zoey woke up and shared that her throat is feeling better than it did before so here's to hoping this was just a little bug that will quickly move on out!

I picked up a silly scarecrow from Wal-Mart the other day for just $6!  We put it up yesterday while Leo (our dog) was at the groomers and when he got home and jumped up on the couch on his little perch to look out the window, he saw the scarecrow and lost it barking!  Barked and barked and barked so we put on his leash and took him out to take a closer look. He crouched way down low to the ground and barked and growled at it and then the wind blew and moved the legs and Leo backed up and really BARKED!!  It was hilarious!!  We finally showed him that it wasn't anything to worry about and now he is fine, but seriously, it was the funniest thing ever!

On to some other exciting news...Zoey has inherited E's old Mac and I think it's safe to say that she's claimed it as her own.

I can't say that I ever thought we would give our 9 year old a lap top but we've set it up using parental controls and with a time limit and linked up all her favorite sites so that she can get to where she wants to go pretty easily.  The keyboard practice will be good for her too and her school uses Apple computers so that will help her out as well I am sure. If we have it charged up she can watch a movie while on long car rides on it too, so that will be an added plus as well. I really like the time limit feature with the parental controls.  It's so easy to lose track of time while online and it's nice to have something pop up on her screen telling her it's time to turn off her computer and play outside!  

Despite Zoey's sore throat, it was a successful first week of school for all of us here!  Here's to embracing our new routine and hoping for another great week ahead!

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Katie Rose said...

Ugh...we have all had a little sore throat here as well since school started. Yucky school germs:) I love your Silhouette cover!! Did you make it or buy it? Glad Zoey is feeling better!