A Winter Hike


Yesterday afternoon Zoey and I enjoyed some time outside in the afternoon. Knowing that this week was going to be bitter cold, I wanted to be sure to get out for a bit to enjoy the was good we got out while we still could!

We hiked the Bearskin Trail which we have access to near our house.

The trail looked beautiful with the snow on the trees, it truly was a winter wonderland.

It was pretty neat to be walking the trail and to not see any other foot prints that were made by humans...we only saw deer, rabbit and other small animal prints along the way and it was so quiet!

Getting out and enjoying the fresh air really helped lift my spirits!  I've been in a bit of a funk here lately and this definitely helped.  Being with Zoey though always help lighten my spirits of course.  

While on our hike we looked for the letters in Zoey's name.  First we found the "Y"...

Then we found the "O", we actually found many O's!

Then we found an "E" that we liked.

And after looking and looking and looking, we finally found something that resembled a "Z".

And then once at home we put all of our photos together to make...

So fun!  Spending this time outdoors with Zoey was the highlight of my was just what I needed to feel more "me" again.  Thankful for times like this.

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